Structural Reformation Plan Under Dispute
Structural Reformation Plan Under Dispute
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  The Ewha administration is still involved in conflicts with students and alumnae over its structural reformation plan for 2007, which was first announced on September 13, 2005. Since December 21, 2005, Ewha students, especially the Student Government Association, and alumnae from the College of Music, Arts & Design, and Human Movement & Performance, have staged protests in front of the Main Hall every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m., urging talks with the school over their opposition to the plan.
  Protests began in late December, after their attempt to talk with the school administration on September turned out to be unsuccessful. "At a meeting with the school administration about school reformation, we expected to have a conversation with the school. However, the administration kept on insisting its own views and refused to respond to students' questions and opinions. So, we had to start protesting more extensively and aggressively," said Kim Ga-ram (Fine Art, 3), the president of the College of Arts & Design. On January 20, students and alumnae tried to break into President Shin In-ryung's office in the Main Hall to discuss the problem, but ended unsuccessfully. During the protest, some alumnae expressed strong antipathy toward planned reformation that would rearrange the traditional relationships between several colleges and majors.
  Protesters insist that the school put off or cancel the reformation plan until all Ewha students' and alumnae's opinions are reflected. According to Chee Soon-kyoung (Instrumental Music, '78), the president of the College of Music alumnae, the current reformation plan is a reflection of how the school administration neglects tradition. "We are not saying that the plan is completely wrong. What we think is wrong is how the school proceeds the plan in an undemocratic way. We will keep on protesting against the unjust structural reformation plan until the school listens to us," said Chee.
  However, an employee at the Office of Public Relations said, "Since changes of the school regulations instituting the reformation plan were already applied in January, the school cannot reverse or postpone the plan." She stated that the school wants to consider the opinions of students, but the problem is that those groups blindly oppose the school and do not think about the good effects that the reformation plan will bring. "They should contribute useful opinions to making the reformation work better, not just resist to the school's plan," she added.

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