19 Alumnae Join Legal Circles
19 Alumnae Join Legal Circles
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  • 승인 2006.03.02 00:00
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  Nineteen Ewha alumnae were appointed judges and prosecutors after completing the course at the Judicial Research and Training Institute (JRTI) on January. Among the 19 successful trainees, ten were designated as deputy judge and nine as prosecutors. Ewha produced the third largest number of trainees compared to other universities. Among the 895 trainees of this year, 215 were appointed judges and public prosecutors. Ewha students showed the strength of entering the legal professions once again, occupying 20 percent of the 100 appointed women.
  Professor Choi Hee-kyung (Law), who is also in charge of the students preparing for judicial examination, said students' dapting well at JRTI is the reason behind such result. "I believe the experiences and self-confidence they gained through studying four years at Ewha have made them capable of realizing their potentials." Ewha has produced more than 20 percent of judges and prosecutors trained at JRTI every year. Currently, there are 264 Ewha alumnae working in legal professions. 72 alumnae are working as judges and prosecutors.

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