Memorable Events and Happenings of 2005 Winter Vacation
Memorable Events and Happenings of 2005 Winter Vacation
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  25 Students First Recipients of EGPP
  A total of 25 female students from developing countries, including Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Kenya, were accepted as the first recipients of the Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) on November 30. These 25 students will start attending Ewha from this Spring semester. Tuition, Korean language training fees, and costs of living will be funded entirely by the Ewha Global Partnership Fund. Commemorating the founding spirit of Mary Scranton, Ewha has launched the EGPP to provide disadvantaged students from abroad with opportunities to study at Ewha, which has 120 years of educational experience, with a full scholarship. About 30 students will be admitted to study at Ewha annually to reach a total of 120 students in four years.

  Ewha Ranked First in NCSI
  Ewha was ranked first in the university category of the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) for 2005. President Shin In-ryung received a plaque certifying Ewha? top rank in the NCSI at an awarding ceremony held at the Ritz-Carlton Seoul on December 13. Ewha was recognized for its effort to strengthen its presence as a research-based university and international competitive power. This is the second time Ewha was rated the first in the NCSI. Ewha ranked first in 2002, third in 2003, and fourth in 2004. The NCSI, which is co-hosted by the Korea Productivity Center, the Chosun Ilbo Daily, and the University of Michigan, is an annual survey of the top 11 universities in Korea.

  Professor Selected as Woman Scientist of the Year
  Professor Lee Kong-joo (Pharmacy) was selected as Woman Scientist of the Year for 2005, in the fifth annual Scientist and Engineer of the Year Awards, funded by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation and the Ministry of Science & Technology. Along with Lee, Professor Choi Young-joo (Pohang University of Science and Technology), and Dr. Ju Oh-shim (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) also received the award. Professor Lee gained recognition for her deep dedication as the Vice President of the Association of Korean Women Scientists and Engineers (KWSE). She was also recognized for her successful work as the Chairman of the 13th International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES13) Organizing Committee, which was held at Ewha in August 2005. Professor Lee was elected President of the KWSE on January 1, 2006.

  52 Ewha Students Pass the 47th National Judicial Examination
  According to the results of the final round of the 47th National Judicial Examination, announced on December 22, 52 Ewha students passed the exam. This figure, the largest in Ewha's history, far exceeds the recent trend of Ewha students' increase in passing the exam. There were 13 undergraduate students among this year's successful candidates, which was also an increased figure compared to last year's results. Ewha has produced a total of 260 successful candidates in the National Judicial Examination since Ewha's establishment.

  Professor Selected as Scientist of the Month
  Professor Wu Jeong-weon (Physics) was awarded in January's Scientist and Engineer of the Month Award, funded by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation and the Ministry of Science & Technology. He received recognition for examining the basic concept of the photoelectric element, which is essential and indispensable in converting electricity to light when one needs to use light as energy or for transmitting information. Professor Wu made a three-dimensional photon, which is a main component of photoelectric elements, by using a new "bottom-up" method, which involves coating thin partials onto an already exsisting basic photon and is easier than earlier techniques and system. Since light is far faster than electricity, light can transmit information much faster and quicker, and with fewer obstacles than electricity, which is widely used now in the electronic industry. Photoelectric elements are expected to play an important role in the future information industry.

  Ewha and Sookmyung Women's University Agree to Scholarly Exchange
  On January 19, President Shin In-ryung and President Lee Kyung-sook of Sookmyung Women's University signed an agreement on scholarly exchange. Based on the agreement, both universities will increase interaction in areas such as student and faculty exchange, transfers of credit, exchange of education networks, and joint use of research and resources. President Shin said that both universities are looking forward to making further contributions to future women's education in Korea with the scholarly exchange.

  Professor Choi Jae-chun Joins Ewha Faculty
  Professor Choi Jae-chun, an eminent ecology scholar and former professor of Seoul National University, will take a new position at Ewha from Spring, 2006. Ewha will appoint Choi as Professor of Life Science, and support Choi's various researches on ecology by offering a 0.08 acre laboratory and related equipment. Professor Choi is planning to build a laboratory named "Ilter" for long term research in the ecology of animals and a place called "Hall of Consilience," which will promote interchanges between the Humanities and Natural Sciences. Professor Choi said, "Ewha's long tradition and active support for Macro-biology made me move to Ewha. I wanted to nurture future woman scientists as well."

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