Choosing Academic Cources Just For You
Choosing Academic Cources Just For You
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  University is where students search for their talents and develop skills for a future career, and academic courses are very important factor in doing so. Nevertheless, since there is a limited amount of credits and semesters each student can take, it is impossible for students to take all the courses they may wish to try.
  "Their four years in university are meant to help students develop into the person they wish to be after graduating. Therefore, choice of courses is important as it helps students choose what career path they wish to take and gain the prerequisite skills,"says researcher Kang Jin from the Ewha Career Development Center (CDC).
  ◆ Exploring Who You Are
  According to Kang, it is important to tentatively decide what you want to become after you graduate from high school, since this decision can be a guide to selecting courses. But, since first year students might not have exact information on currently existing jobs, it is easiest to either choose an industrial sector they wish to work in, such as manufacturing or finance, or choose a well-known job such as lawyer, accountant, or researcher that they think that might suit their talents the most. This will act as a stepping-stone in choosing courses, as students will be able to decide on subjects related to their interest.
  If you cannot decide what your field of interest is, it is also good to receive help. Kang recommends consulting a researcher at the CDC to receive help and detailed information on different jobs or talking to your seniors, either in school or in different sectors of society. She also recommends examinations such as the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) to see which types of jobs fit your disposition best.
  ◆ Deciding Your Path & Courses
  After deciding on your abilities and interests, you should decide whether you wish to work right after graduating or go on to receiving a master's degree or doctorate. Even students interested in the same field of study should take different courses depending on the path they wish to take.
  For students applying directly for work, Kang recommends business management subjects. "Even for students who are not planning to apply for management jobs, knowledge of business management will be helpful as it is crucial to know how companies are run and managed," she says.
  For students planning to study more than four years, she recommends studying one or two areas of interest in depth, as a preparation for becoming a professional. However, as narrow views are not welcome anywhere, she recommends taking a few classes on cultural topics outside your major.
  Since university is where students need to search for a path that fits their personalities and characteristics best, it is important to explore different fields of studies. "Students who explore more and gain more experience during university life will have lower chances of failure. Risk taking should be done in university and not in broader society. Public life is not a place to make mistakes or find what you can do best, but it is where you can show your talent and capability," says Kang.

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