Making Proper Choices for Student Activities
Making Proper Choices for Student Activities
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▲ [Photo provided by Habitat]Members of the Habitat are building houses in the Philippines.

  While in university, one can achieve deeper academic knowledge, meet diverse people from various backgrounds and prepare for future public life. To become a more liberal and experienced person, joining student clubs can be important. However, with all the clubs to choose from, a little advanced knowledge can go a long way toward helping make a wise decision.
  Student clubs can be divided into five categories; performance clubs, academic clubs, volunteer activity clubs, religious clubs, and athletic clubs. Clubs which focus on dancing, performing plays, and singing can be considered performance clubs. "One of the merits in joining the performance club is that one can have the opportunity to express oneself to many people and gain confidence by succeeding the performance. Moreover, one can feel strong bonds between one and other performers. Relationships with members of the club will be strong and close," said Kim Seoung-hee (French Lang. & Lit., 2), a member of Ewha Chorus.
  Academic clubs mainly focus on studying or researching a subject which all the members are concerned about deeply. Clubs dealing with appreciating literature or art can also be included in the academic category. Kim Hye-ji (Yonsei Univ., 2), who is a member of AIESEC, which mainly deals with global internship programs, said that academic clubs can offer wider knowledge about the subject which one is interested in. "One can talk about a subject and listen to others' opinions about it; therefore, one can be more open-minded," Kim said.
  Clubs which do volunteer activities usually help those who are in need, such as the handicapped, orphans, or old people. Some send members overseas to help and teach people in the third world countries. "Those who really love volunteer work and find value in doing it are the most appropriate people to join volunteer activity clubs," said Han A-ram (Handong Univ., 2), a member of Habitat.
  Religious clubs consist of religious people who have great faith in their religion. Members of religious clubs gather together and pray or study their scripture, and they often do missionary work or reach out to other people who do not have that religion.
Athletic clubs are good for students who like to build up or maintain their physical strength. Students who like to do physical activities can also join athletic clubs as a hobby. Unlike in middle or high school, there are no physical education classes required in university. Therefore, such clubs are useful and give energy to students who lack physical activity and need to keep up their health.
  "Choosing one student activity from various clubs isn't easy. Since time is limited, you cannot join several student activities while studying. So, you have to consider your characteristic, interests, hobbies, and values and then, choose one which seems the most appropriate for you," added Kang Soon-wha, head researcher of the Ewha Student Counseling Center.

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