Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
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  • 승인 2006.03.02 00:00
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▲ Kim Hyo-jin (International Studies, 2)

  As a student of Ewha, I try to keep abreast of all the news that is going on and off campus. Among the various sources I rely on, Ewha Voice happens to be one of the most informative. I believe Ewha Voice is doing a pretty good job of publishing a balanced mix of both useful and entertaining articles. I especially enjoy reading the "Broader View" section, a column where exchange students share their experiences, because it provides me with an interesting and helpful insight into college life overseas. I also look forward to the occasional up-close-and-personal interviews of successful graduates and prominent social figures.
  I am pleased to see how the Ewha Voice shows continuous efforts to offer new pieces of information to its readers, by installing new columns like "Scent of Home." If it is possible, I would like to see another section in print, one that recommends good books to read. Apart from the current bestsellers, I would really appreciate it if Ewha Voice brings into light some of the great works that have unfortunately remained hidden among the public.
  I have noticed that there have been many criticisms from readers concerning the lack of student involvement in the paper. Although there may be other ways to increase participation, I thought having the paper's very own ?ear Abby"column could serve as one way to attract the students's attention. By providing an outlet for the distressed students to openly pour out their troubles, I think Ewha Voice might be able to win more avid readers. Of course, the success of this column would depend entirely on the quality of the advice given. However, with sincere willingness to help, I believe Ewha Voice will be able to satisfy a large number of students. This may turn out to be win-win deal where Ewha Voice and the readers both benefit.
  All in all, I think Ewha Voice is doing an excellent job, befitting its title as "the one and only English newspaper" of Ewha. As a regular reader of Ewha Voice, I look forward to seeing many more fresh and unique articles.

- By Kim Hyo-jin (International Studies, 2)

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