Fighting Ewha Wins the 38th SGA Election
Fighting Ewha Wins the 38th SGA Election
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▲ Photo by Park Yoo-miPresident-elect (front second from the left) and vice president-elect (front center) pose for the Ewha Voice with their campaign supporters.

   Fighting Ewha won the 38th Student Government Association (SGA) presidential election held from Nov. 22 to 24. Fighting Ewha earned 3,413 votes, from a total of 8,055 ballots cast. Lee Ji-youn (Sociology, 4) was elected as president and Kim Soo-hyun (Social Studies Education, 4) as vice president of the SGA for 2006.
   The two opposing parties were Double U and Be Ewha. Double U, consisting of presidential candidate Chun Oh-bet (Political Science and Diplomacy, 4) and vice presidential candidate Park Hye-jeong (Science Education, 3) received 2,462 votes. Be Ewha, consisting of presidential candidate Ki Yo-un (Sociology, 4) and vice presidential candidate Kang Bo-ra (Ceramic Arts, 4) received 1,951 votes.
   Fighting Ewha proposed a protest against the tuition raise, the formation of a student committee to act on tuition issues, more support for student activities, opposition to the restructuring plan for the school, and better welfare for students in general. The president-elect says, "In the process of solving Ewha's problems, we would like to stand at the center of the problem together with other Ewha students. Tell us what has to be done if we are making mistakes. We will turn knowledge into action. We can achieve more lively Ewha together." The vice president-elect also commented, "Ewha and Fighting Ewha? 2006 will not be just about 2006 but also about the future.        Moreover, our boundary will not be just within Ewha, but also we want to engage Ewha students with the society as a whole."

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