Lecture on Future Science Leaders Held
Lecture on Future Science Leaders Held
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  • 승인 2005.11.30 00:00
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   The 5th Kim Okgill Memorial Lecture, "A New Model of Future Science and Technology: Educating People of Talent," was held on November 14 in the Kim Young-yi Recital Hall.
   The first lecture titled, "Semiconductor Inspiration: the Mission Ahead," was given by Hwang Chang-gyu, the President and CEO of the Semiconductor Business sector of Samsung Electronics. Hwang explained how semiconductor technology became a force in creating new electronic devices. He said, "To develop better products and improve research, young scientists should collaborate open-mindedly and deal effectively with change, and have a fusion mindset." He finished his lecture with this statement: Those who build a fortress will lose, and those who move will survive.
   The second lecture was presented by Robert B. Laughlin, the President of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) under the title, "A Different Universe." Laughlin said that what people thought of as scientific laws have often turned out to be misguided, and so current scientific knowledge should not be considered as exact and exclusive facts. He added, "We are desperate to get women scientists. Since women's thoughts are far different from men's, women can lead to much more interesting results. Therefore, do not fear any barriers as a woman scientist."

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