Celebrating the 5th International Festival
Celebrating the 5th International Festival
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▲ Photo by Kim Ji-sunA foreign contestant of Mr. Ewha is introducing himself in Korean.

   The 5th Ewha International Festival took place from November 16 to 17 at the LG Convention Hall of the International Education Building.
   During the festival, an International School Fair was held to inform Ewha students about Ewha's partnership schools overseas. Around 96 schools from over 13 countries were on display. Exchange students from foreign contries, Ewha students who studied at partner schools and PEACE buddies offered a booth exhibition on exchange programs.
   Besides the fair, lectures such as an Introduction to Overseas Educational Systems and an Introduction to International Exchange Programs at Ewha were held. Officials came from the United Kingdom, Japanese, United States, Australian, and Canadian Embassies, and gave tips on studying in those countries. Sessions on topics such as the TOEFL IBT and the ASEM DUO scholarship program were also held.
   The "Mr. Ewha" contest was the finale on the last day for male exchange students studying at Ewha.  Contestants gave unique performances such as playing "Arirang" in a rock band and dancing to Korean music. The 2005 Mr. Ewha went to Nico Dillingh (Univ. of Groningen, Netherlands) who played the drums in the rock band. Yu Hee-sun (Law, 1) said, "I think the participants prepared for the performance for a long time.   Also, the atmosphere here is very friendly!"
   Funds raised from a food charity bazaar and the proceeds of the Mr. Ewha contest were delivered to the labor? children in the Ansan Migrant Shelter.

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