Department of Korean Education in 2006
Department of Korean Education in 2006
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   A Department of Korean Education will be established in 2006 with a 30-student-capacity, under the College of Education. The Dean of the College of Education, Joo Young-ju stated, "Establishing a Department of Korean Education has been a long-cherished wish of the College of Education. Along with mathematics and English education, Korean education has been one of the core subjects of Korea's current educational system. Thus, we have been exerting much effort to establish the department, and its future is optimistic due to a very high demand for Korean teachers."

    Ewha, marking its 90th anniversary of the College of Education last July, requested approval from the Ministry Of Education and Human Resources Development (MOE) for the establishment of the department and received the approval on October 20. Through this year's entrance examination, the Department of Korean Education will be accepting its first freshman class and will be designed to offer students a well-balanced curriculum of Korean language, literature, and education.
   The College of Education received first place among education colleges nationwide in both 1998 and 2004 on evaluations conducted by the MOE and the Korean Educational Development Institute.

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