For Whom Was the Street at Edae-ap Redesigned?
For Whom Was the Street at Edae-ap Redesigned?
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▲ Photo by Kim Ji-sunThe street during (left) and after (right) the construction marks change.

   The redesign of the roads in front of the main gate came to an official close on November 4, preceded by a two-day ceremony. However, a few touchups have prolonged procedure and the true close came at the end of last month. The construction was, in fact, a trial for five other college sites to follow in a similar procedure. Did the trial prove to be successful?
   Roh Man-gyu of the Construction Management Division at Seodaemun-gu Office says yes. "The site has been improved by enlarging the sidewalks, and removing telephone poles to leave more pedestrian space," Roh says. Although Ewha had rejected the same proposal of reform in 2001, this time it seems to have been happy with the terms. "Ewharo's pet name, 'The Street we Want to Visit' is a result of collaboration between Ewha, businesses, and residents; we couldn't have done it alone," says Roh. Professors Choi Gyeong-sil (Environmental Design) and Kang Mi-seon (Architecture) participated in proposing ideas on this project as professionals.
   However, not everyone is pleased. Some businesses have suffered due to chaotic street conditions leaving shop owners displeased. Ms. Cha, the manager of a clothing store near the front gate for over 20 years, says  compared to the time and money put into the work, the outcome is disappointing overall. Ms. Kim, a saleswoman of a month-old shoe business next door agrees, saying that they had no business for their first month.
   "No public project can please everyone," says Roh, who went on to say that the redesign wasn't planned to commercialize the district. "It was planned for anyone who travels here, be s/he a student or not. If anyone has a problem, they should confront us directly," says Roh.
   "In the long run, it was a productive investment," says Lee Jee-hye (clothing and textiles, 4). On the other hand, Lee Sa-rang (Television & Film, 2) says, "The roads are uneven and the lights on the surface of the road seem redundant."

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