Where Night Is Brighter Than Day
Where Night Is Brighter Than Day
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   While the lights of Seoul go off one by one, there is one place where more lights go on as the city gets darker. It is where Korean pop songs play loudly and bright neon signs attract visitors. It is the Dongdaemun area, where one can experience both traditional Korean culture and contemporary culture. This great cultural shopping area is around 83,000 m2, and contains numerous big and small shopping malls such as Migliore, Doota, Hello apM, and more. These shopping centers can be divided into two types: there are trendy malls such as Shin Ryung Hwa Fashion Town that focus on fashion popular among young people. These areas are clustered around exit number 14 of the Dongdaemun subway station. On the other hand, Nam Pyung Wha Plaza and other, similar wholesale markets focus more on daily necessities and Korean cultural items. Exit number 1 of the Dongdaemun subway station leads directly to these places. Since these wholesale markets are popular among foreigners, a tourist information center is located right at the middle of this area.
   As Dongdaemun is a place that successfully mixes different cultures and introduces Korean culture to foreigners, this is one of the few places that stays awake at night in Seoul for foreigners to enjoy. Safety is not a problem, since the area is bright and crowded. It is a nearly perfect place to burn with shopping passion all night long.

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