What to See
What to See
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▲ Photo by Kim Ji-sunBright spotlights and the loud music of the outdoor stage catch the attention of the passersby.

   When you feel like going somewhere with friends to spend the whole night, you discover that there are actually no decent places to go. Some might head towards clubs. But aren? there any alternatives to the club scene? The Dongdaemun area has a thriving night scene that offers a good entertainment for free.
   Dongdaemun is a well-known shopping district, but there is also a lot to do at night. Thousands of people looking for entertainment come to Dongdaemun. When the sun goes down, the open stage in the shopping malls is lit and people start getting ready for their performances.
   Starting at eight in the evening, powerful dance teams step on the stage and catch the attention of the passersby. The stage is open to amateurs, and many talented people feel free to go onstage to sing or dance. Here, people can express themselves and interact freely with others.
   There are three big shopping malls at Dongdaemun with open stages: Hello apM, Migliore, and Doota. Migliore started outdoor performances for the first time. At the time, there were no outdoor places where teenagers could experience their own culture. Hip-hop was becoming popular, and many teenagers wanted to express themselves through it. Migliore caused a revolution by moving the dancing place from Daehangno to Dongdaemun. Doota followed next. Because its stage is larger than the ones at the other shopping malls, many cable television music programs and radio broadcasts are held here. When Hello apM opened, the hip-hop wave was at its peak, and more talented unknown dancers congregate at Hello apM. The three shopping malls compete with each other to attract more people, and now each has its distinctive characteristics.
   Also, for the all-night shoppers waiting for the first train or bus, seeing a midnight movie may be a good idea. The MMC Theater at Freya Town is on the tenth floor.

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