Leaving the Ewha Voice
Leaving the Ewha Voice
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  • 승인 2005.11.30 00:00
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▲ From left, Park Yoo-mi, Rim Hyun-ji, Kim Bo-mi, Lee Eun-joo, Park Soo-young, Kim Soo-hyun

   At the welcoming party for this year? cub reporters in April, Soo-hyun, one of the editors of the Ewha Voice told the reporters: ? three year-term as a reporter for the Ewha Voice might seem too long to start off. But at the end, you?l realize that it? ?nly?three years that you can take part in this whole process.?Until this very moment, writing my last article, I just can? believe that I am actually ?eaving the Ewha Voice (EV).??t surely has been three tough years. As a reporter, especially as a campus news writer, most of my work involved delivering standpoints of different groups of people in Ewha. I listened to students, their representatives, professors, and to school administration and tried to deliver their messages clearly and precisely. However, despite my efforts, quite a lot of people argued that what I? written was different from their positions; I had to go through a lot of trouble defending or correcting myself. This was the first thing that I learned as a reporter of EV ?the influence one can make by taking a stand on certain position. I came to realize that accuracy in reporting is very important.
   Yes, I did receive many benefits and experiences as a reporter of EV. However, I can definitely say that above all, the best part has been the people I?e met in EV.
   Former reporters of the 51st, 52nd office and my lovely staff and cub reporters are now among the most important people in my life. And, Professor Kim Eun-joo (English Education), advisor of the EV, even became one of my favorite people! She was not just an advisor for the paper, she was our best friend. She never put pressure on us to do something, but rather was always supportive in anything we did. Her encouragement and suggestions were helpful for not only the paper but also for my personal matters, too.
   I would also like to thank Professor Choi Julie who was the advisor of EV when I was a freshman. Her advice and encouragement provided sustained motivation in my life as a reporter. Professor Peter Kipp was  also more than just a proofreader for EV. He would come to our office and tell each reporter how to improve their articles, and gave lots of ideas for EV. Professor Lee Jae-kyung, Mary French and Hwang Su-jin and Kim Chang-suk of the Edae-Hakbo have been so helpful to the EV, and I would like to thank them again.
   Lastly, I?e earned pride in myself and in Ewha through being a reporter for EV. Since I wrote mainly campus news articles, I came in touch with many passionate and bright Ewhaians in diverse sectors. Through writing articles about those people, I started to feel attached to Ewha and was proud to be taking a part in recording the history. Moreover, I felt a growing responsibility as I became aware that what I write on this paper can be a reflection of Ewha.
   Writing articles in English was stressful and I questioned myself, why and for whom I am writing this. But now I know for sure. As I always tell my reporters, EV is not just for students in Ewha. It is for people of the whole world who want to know Ewha and Korea. Therefore, reporters who come after me must improve the quality of the articles and deal with ever more interesting and in-depth stories on Ewha. I have complete faith that they will do outstanding work.
   My term ends, but the Ewha Voice goes on. I will never lose the memories I got from EV. My friends, editors of the Ewha Voice Eun-joo, Yoo-mi, Soo-hyun and our editor in chief Sook-young, I love you and thank you so much. Farewell!

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