Promoting Grassroots Movements at Ewha
Promoting Grassroots Movements at Ewha
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▲ Photo by Kim Ji-sun.Keynote speaker Kay J. Maxwell

   From October 5 to 7, the Ewha School for Leadership Development and the United States Embassy in Korea co-hosted a workshop titled "Women Leadership and Civic Participation." The keynote addres was given by Kay J. Maxwell, President of the League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS) and chair of the League of Women Voters Education Fund. Workshop participants included members of various women's organizations.
   On the first day, the discussion centered on building a grassroots movement and strengthening non-governmental organizations (NGOs). For people who were unfamiliar with the term "grassroots," Maxwell defined the term as "citizens at the local level across the country who are building the movement from the bottom up." She emphasized how important it is to promote local participation in politics by strengthening NGO activities. On the second day, the topic was on empowering citizens to influence public policy. Women leaders need to provide information and educate the public about various women's commissions and participation in local communities. This information will help those who want to get involved but do not know how to do so. On the third day, participants delved deeper into possible ways to promote civic participation and coalition-building. Maxwell pointed out the low participation among young people. She urged young adults to get involved in public issues and said that policies decided by a broad spectrum of people are healthier since they contain more appropriate solutions to various problems.
   Kim Min-young (Chinese Lang. and Lit., 3), a participant, said, "The workshop was very helpful. What I liked the most was learning about the practical aspects of grassroots movements."

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