Develop Your Ego And Find Your True Self
Develop Your Ego And Find Your True Self
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   These days, personality is considered of great importance in one's social adjustment. Some people may consider themselves active and out-going, while others say they are quiet and shy. Most people characterize their personalities based on what other people say and what they think of themselves. However, they may not always be right. Acting on wrong or misleading information may make it difficult for people to find real enjoyment in life if they don't know what they are truly like.
   Personalities reflect one's "ego" or "self," two words people use quite often these days. However, it seems that not many people know the full meaning of these words nor the difference between the two words. "Ego," or "self," is a sense of one's entire self and not just one's personality.
   Ego is the conscious I, or the known characters of the person while self is the unconscious mind and characteristics. The process of finding out who you truly are doesn't happen easily in the course of everyday life. Nevertheless, people think of ego or self as something they can change or create. This results in neglecting their true identities and only makes people try hard to create a new identity so they can fit into the careers they want or the lifestyles they value. This causes stress, since ego and self can only be developed and and learnt but cannot be created anew. Therefore, making an accurate assessment of one's ego and honestly facing one's real self are the keys to happiness and fulfillment in life. To help students determine who they really are, we offer the following articles.

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