Center Provides Comprehensive Help for Your Future
Center Provides Comprehensive Help for Your Future
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   As a collegian, you might have asked some serious questions about yourself or worried about your future more than once. If you still haven't found the answers you were looking for, the Ewha Student Counseling Center (ESCC) offers comprehensive help to students with university life, studies, and personal relationships.
   Counseling is offered individually or in a group. Students who want individual counseling can apply through the homepage or visit the ESCC in room 311 of the Student Union Building. Group counseling sessions are announced at the beginning of every semester and just before vacation periods. When a notice is posted on the center boards, students can join by filling in an application form at the center's office. Groups range from 8 to 12 people, with applications taken on first-come-first-served basis.
   For students interested in better understanding their personal working and thinking style, a MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) workshop is held every Tuesday at 3 p.m. and Friday at 11 a.m. at the center. MBTI measures a person's preferences using four basic scales with opposite poles, and this preferences result in 16 personality types. The work also includes a group explanation session where students can compare their test results to others?to see how different they are.
   In addition to the MBTI, a combined psychology test is held every March, May, September, and November, with specific dates posted on the center's bulletin board. The combined tests include an aptitude test, an interest test, a self concept test, and a personality test. After taking the test, each student should make an appointment to go over the results with a counselor.
   Kang Soon-wha, the head researcher of the ESCC, says, "As time goes by, more and more students are participating in the counseling program. This could mean that students are having harder time than before. But it could also mean that they have the ability to adapt well to the society afterward." Kim Seoung-hee (Liberal Arts, 1) took the combined test and said, "I just had a vague image of myself, but this test helped me to learn different aspects of who I am."

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