Let Your Authentic Self Surface Through Books
Let Your Authentic Self Surface Through Books
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   A renowned philosopher once said, "one who knows others is wise, but he who knows himself is wiser." The process of self-realization is essential for understanding one's purpose of life and living a meaningful life in order to fulfill that goal. Some refer to self-realization as the "silent revolution" of an individual not only because it empowers self-determination but also develops one's abilities to the maximum. Although there are various ways to approach self-realization, among them visiting a counselor or taking an aptitude test, professors recommend turning to books for guidance and meditation to find food for thought and for the soul.

To Have Or To Be
by Erich Fromm
- Recommended by Professor Hong Kee-ryung

Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm proposes that there are two modes of living: one of having and of being. By analyzing and comparing the two major characteristics of human beings- egoism and altruism- he emphasizes the fact that the less oriented one is toward having, the closer one is to being. Fromm relates this personal inclination to modern society but conveys the message that personal realization is a start for improvement of the whole society.

The Shadow
by Lee Bu-young

- Recommended by Professor Hong Kee-ryung

In The Shadow, written in Korean, Lee sheds light on the human mind, society in general, and traditional Korean ideologies, through the concept of "the shadow," or, in other words, the inner dark side. This concept was conjured by renowned philosopher Carl Gustav Jung. Understanding the concept of the shadow, Lee states, is the first step to truly getting in touch with the self and fully manifesting one's identity.

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