Looking for Improvements in Academic Exchange
Looking for Improvements in Academic Exchange
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   The academic exchange system with Yonsei and Sogang universities was started in the spring semester of 2004. It includes a system of exchanging academic credit and a faculty exchange program. Program goals include advantage of synergy effects to strengthen each school's own special qualities.
   Since the system went into effect, many Ewha students have taken advantage of the scholarly exchange system. "I took a lecture at Yonsei dealing with international organizations and relationships. What I liked the most during the discussion time was that I could listen to various opinions which occur because of the different views of the two genders," said Kim Hyo-jung (English Lang. & Lit., 2).
   However, as the exchange system gains popularity, complaints are being registered. Many Ewha students experienced discomfort finding their way around the unfamiliar campuses of the other schools. Moreover, since school calendars differ at each university, Ewha students who attend classes at other universities have the stress of seeing their exams stretched out over several weeks. There are also problems caused by lack of communication among the three universities. Kim was annoyed that she could not use the library at Yonsei at first because Yonsei's administrative office postponed issuing her electronic student ID, even though electronic student IDs are required to enter the library and borrow books.
   "We understand the inconvenient situation which students are facing. In the case of the administration problems, we will try our best to improve the situation by trying to coordinate examination schedules and school policies. We will also notify students about exact lecture rooms and of other important information they have to know," said Professor Song Tuck-soo (Law), the chief of Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs.
   To offer better education and wider opportunities to students, Ewha is planning to broaden the number of courses it accepts for credit exchange.  In addition, Ewha is also developing jointly taught classes which will be given by at least two universities' professors. "School exchange programs involve other schools including Ewha.      Therefore, schools have to communicate actively about the merits and demerits of the school exchange program, and think of a solution together. The most important thing is that students should speak up about inconveniences. If they do not talk to the school, we will not be able to know, and will pass over the problem," said Song.

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