Let the Colors of the Wind Take Your Breath Away
Let the Colors of the Wind Take Your Breath Away
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▲ Photo provided by Hi Seoul.The cool breeze is ready to take you places: Cheonggyecheon, the World Music Fountain in Seoul Arts Center, and the Seoul Forest. Invest some time and make your day unforgettable!

   How can you, as an Ewha student, get to know Seoul? Let's say, for example, you were to have a day off from school. Where would you and your friends go for a memorable day? The Ewha Voice is here to inform you of inexpensive and convenient places to visit.

   After a makeover of twenty-six months, the original stream of Cheonggyecheon has been transformed into a place where nature and city meet in harmony. Along the busy streets of Seoul, the six-kilometer Cheonggye Stream provides a refuge for refreshing views of bridges, fountains, and entertainment by street artists.
   Without spending a lot of money, you can visit Cheonggyecheon and experience both traditional and contemporary Seoul. The Stream begins at the Cheonggye Plaza and will take you to the Gwangtong Bridge, the largest of the twenty-three bridges crossing the stream. At night under sparkling lights, a walk along this bridge will make you feel like an actress in a romantic movie.
   It's unlikely that you will get bored strolling along the stream, but if you do, you can make a detour to exciting Insa-dong, Dongdaemun, or the City Hall. If you are not sure where to go, just let the breeze take you. Let your body flow with the wind to a place where nature awaits you.
   ▲ Transportation from school
   If you want to take the bus, take number 470, 370, or 161 from the Ewha back gate. If you want to take the subway, take line number two and get off at any station from City Hall Station to Sindang Station.
   ▲ Restaurants
   Musa (seafood) ­(02) 739-7943
   Mugyo-dong Octopus ­ (02) 738-5400
   Drifting along the Water (traditional) ­ (02)    739-8722

   World Music Fountain
   Have you ever seen water dance? If you haven't, it will blow your mind. Whether or not you are going to the Seoul Arts Center to see a play or a musical, the World Music Fountain is always open, and it's free. This is the largest musical fountain in the country, measuring 43 meters in width and 9 meters in length. It shoots streams of water in the air in time to jazz or classical music. Have a picnic with your friends in front of the fountain and enjoy the continuous dancing water.
If this sounds good to you, do not hesitate. Mark a date in your "green" Ewha schedule book. The water show is on three times a day: 12 to 1 p.m., 6 to 7:30 p.m., and 9 to 10:30 p.m.
   ▲ Transportation from school
   Take the subway from Ewha and transfer to line number three at Euljiro-3ga Station. Get off at Nambu Bus Terminal Station, and there will be a shuttle bus to the Seoul Arts Center. On foot, it takes five to ten minutes.
   ▲ Restaurants
   HOUSE (fusion) ­ (02) 3471- 9296
   Yedang (traditional) ­ (02) 587-0029

   Seoul Forest
   If you are looking for nature, trees and wildlife in the midst of the city, Seoul Forest is the perfect place for you.
   Located in Ttukseom, the 1.1 million square meter forest has five theme parks. The fifth one seems just right for Ewha students This is where Han River Park is located and is connected to a bicycle path where you can ride your bicycle past chestnut, pine, and cherry trees and see animals like squirrels, deer, and elk.
   ▲ Transportation from school
Take line number two and get off at Ttukseom Station. It takes five minutes on foot from exit number 8.
   Any of these places can provide you with a day of relaxation and fun. There's something to suit every taste and every pocketbook.

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