A Moment In Herstory
A Moment In Herstory
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  • 승인 2005.11.02 00:00
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   So, are you a quirk? The challenging concept of "quirkiness" in the article written by Instructor Gregor Stetteland brazenly invites us to acknowledge this world as being "quirky." Though written 30 odd years ago, his poignant remarks about Ewha students aren't perhaps as obsolete as the date they were written. True, "quirks" are welcomed nowadays, and people go to great lengths to stand out in the crowd. But have students' lives changed dramatically enough that the "quirk" reaches beyond mere physicality? Are we not still, as the article mentions, "floating from class to class, from school to home, from day to day... as if life itself had become one great grey dull unquirk?"
   A lot of the time, realities, which admonish young quirks to live according to the "textbook," set a paradigm which seems hard to escape. The concept of quirkiness, however, does not merely intend for us to run from them. Rather, it encourages people not to be blinded by the "realities" alone. It is more about accepting the world in its full frontal quirkiness and embracing your oddities as an asset. So, go on, "Quirk yourself!"

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