South & North Dream Concert Held at Ewha
South & North Dream Concert Held at Ewha
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  • 승인 2005.10.05 00:00
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   Celebrating Korea's 60th Independence Day, the "South-North Dream Concert" was held on September 28 at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium of Ewha. This concert was hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA) Ewha Dream and was sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Prior to the concert, SGA President Kim Se-hee (Voice, 4) said, "The SGA is proud to host an event for North and South Korean university students for the first time. This momentous event will let both North and South Korean university students communicate through music and get to know each other better."

   This concert was aimed at arousing student interest in North Korea and in the unification of Korea. The concert gave an opportunity to North and South Korean students to contribute to unification through their musical talent.
   After the celebration message by Kim Se-hee and Mun Hye-sung (Chung-Ang Univ., 2), who is the President of the Association of University Students Preparing Unification, the audience viewed a short documentary video made by Kim Woo-hyun, a former KBS producer. North Korean university students then sang a song, which was followed by a performance by a group of Ewha and Yonsei university students. Next, a fan dance by North Korean students and then a dance by South Korean students were presented. There also was a presentation explaining North Korean life by showing pictures drawn by a student who came from the North. Then Ewha students of the department of Korean Music sang a folk song called "Dorajitaryeong." Pianist Lee Cheol-woong (Hansei Univ.), a defector from North Korea, played a solo. Also, Wheesung, a South Korean pop singer, gave a vigorous performance. The concert ended by singing together the unification song "When the day comes."

   Mun commented, "As a defector from North Korea I felt a sense of duty to moderate. And, I'm very glad that I participated as a male student in a program held at Ewha." A student in the audience, Kim Geun-young (International Studies, 1), said, "After the concert I felt much closer to North Korean students and their culture and I realized they are just the same people as us. I hope I will be able to attend a '2nd South-North Dream Concert' next year."

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