Keys to an In-depth Knowledge
Keys to an In-depth Knowledge
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▲ Left: "Phobia" by Ivan Ward, Riht: ""Specified Phobia" by Kim Eun-jung and Kim Ji-hun

   There are various books that deal with phobias. The two books below, written by psychoanalysts for non-professionals in the field, are easy to follow and understand.

1. Phobia (Ideas in Psychoanalysis)
-by Ivan Ward
This book explains how phobias form and the reasons behind them. Based on the theory of Freud, Ward describes the connection between phobia-provoking stimuli and the reaction to them. Ward also tells his readers how the connection between phobia provoking stimuli and the reaction affects people's minds and unconscious states of mind. This book is available in both English and Korean.

2. Specified Phobias
-by Kim Eun-jung and Kim Ji-hun
In this book, the two authors describe how severely patients can suffer from phobias. The authors understand the sufferings of patients from various phobias and are able to put themselves in their place to describe their states of mind. They explain why people suffer from such phobias and discuss the origin of those phobias. Symptoms of various phobias are also introduced to help the understanding of the readers. The two authors try to offer ways for patients to easily release their fear with easy to understand wordings. This book is available only in Korean.

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