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   The word "Phobia" originated from the name Phobos, a war god from Greek mythology, whose name meant fear. He was feared by all as he was powerful enough to never lose one battle. Like him, a phobia is an unseen power that terrifies people and paralyzes their minds and bodies. The first record of phobia appeared in the 13th century writings of philosophers. However, it was not until the 19th century that the word "Phobia" first appeared in medical documents.
   The term "Phobia" is widely known, but not many people seem to know that phobias are a type of mental disorder. Therefore, they do not pay attention to their symptoms and let the phobias develop into even bigger fears, which interfere with their lives.
   The Ewha Voice conducted a survey on 411 Ewha students. Forty eight percent of participants replied that their personal lives were restricted due to phobias they suffered. Yet only 51 percent said that they desired a cure. Although phobias do not seem life threatening, they require attention when serious. In-depth knowledge can be beneficial in overcoming phobias.

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