Nanohybrid develops Vitabrid-C
Nanohybrid develops Vitabrid-C
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  • 승인 2005.09.01 00:00
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   Nanohybrid, a subsidiary venture company of Ewha, announced on July 18 that Professor Choy Jin-ho (Nano Science) developed Vitabrid C, the most stable form of Vitamin C ever.
   Because the structure of previous forms of Vitamin C was very unstable, they got easily decomposed when exposed to air, oxygen, and moisture. Therefore they could not be absorbed fully and continuously by the skin when added to cosmetics.
   Vitabrid C makes up for the weak points of Vitamin C. Vitabrid C is made by encapsulating Vitamin C in a nano-sized inorganic capsule, so that it becomes more stabilized. By using Vitabrid C, Vitamin C can be absorbed completely into the skin, and the effect can last for a maximum of twelve hours. Vitabrid C is also good for cleaning and protecting the skin from bacteria because the nano-sized capsule absorbs sweat and dirt on the skin.
   Nanohybrid has obtained a patent for the manufacture of Vitabrid C, and also an approval from the Korea Food & Drug Administration for making it into cosmetics. "I will continuously strive to develop new materials in the nano science field," stated Professor Choy.

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