New Cancer Medication Discovered
New Cancer Medication Discovered
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  • 승인 2005.09.01 00:00
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   Professor Jeong Lak-shin (Pharmacy) and Professor Lee Sang-kook (Pharmacy) announced their new medication for treatment of cancer, "LJ-715," on June 13.
   Making LJ-715 involves replacing one oxygen atom on a previous medicine with a carbon atom, allowing LJ-715 to resist being dissolved by gastric juice, the liquid in the stomach that helps digestion. Therefore, once LJ-715 is taken into the body, the effect will be more stable and is likely to last longer than with other existing medications. Also, unlike previous medicines, which are administered into a vein, LJ-715 can be taken orally because of the stable effect of the carbon.
   "The most noticeable advantage of LJ-715 is that it can reduce side effects like losing weight, which was a problem with previous cancer treatment methods. This effect will help suppress not only non-resistant cancer cells but also the cancer cells which have resistance to previous cancer treatments," said Jeong.
   The U.S.- based Rexahn Pharmaceutical Incorporation (Rexahn) will develop the drug, and the two professors will receive financing of $200,000 from Rexahn. Rexahn and the two professors have jointly applied for a U.S. patent for LJ-715.

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