Roads to Ewha under Construction
Roads to Ewha under Construction
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▲ Sidewalks to the front gate are under construction. Finishing in October, the construction will establish a more pleasant environment around Ewha. [Photo by Kim Ji-sun]

   This semester, many Ewha students may feel discomfort as they walk down the sideways from the Ewha subway station to school because the road and sidewalks will be under construction until the end of October.
   Although it will cause inconvenience, the construction which will widen and brighten the sidewalks, will ultimately be beneficial to Ewha students. The construction, which started in July, is designed and supervised by the Seoul and Seodaemun-gu Office with participation from Ewha faculty as a part of a city plan called the "Project for the Development of Pedestrian-Friendly Streets." The goal of the plan is to improve the area around Ewha and make a more appropriate environment for Ewha students to study and come to school in.
   The city plan is largely divided into five parts. First, the narrow sidewalks which connect the Ewha subway station to the front gate and the front gate to Sinchon railway station will be expanded from 1.5 - 2 meters to 5 - 7 meters wide. Also, most of the utility poles and wires which are standing on the sidewalks will be removed to make the street clean and pleasant. Many trees will be planted along the sidewalks and stone benches will be set up. Moreover, a small square will be built in front of the Ewha subway station with a small fountain and benches. Another open space will be made on the opposite side of Ewha's front gate. There will be a small stage for performances in this open space. Remodeling of old buildings and removal of the leaflets which are attached to many buildings will be done, too.
   Professor Choi Gyoung-sil (Environmental Design), who participated in this construction as an adviser on the designing of the street furniture - the benches, stage, and lamps - said that she put the most emphasis on simplicity. To make them look harmonious, she advised the designers to make each piece of furniture simple.
   When the construction is done, Ewha students will have a cleaner and more pleasant environment to come to. But Noh Man-kyu, who is in charge of the Urban Development Division at the Seodaemun-gu Office, had one caution for Ewha students: "Although the sidewalks will be replaced by brand new ones, the street itself cannot be maintained without damage if people passing down the street don't use it with care. Therefore, people who use the street frequently, Ewha students, have to take much care and interest in the newly built street."

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