On-campus Construction Projects Underway
On-campus Construction Projects Underway
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▲ The Ewha-Shinsegae Bldg. will be ready for lectures after the mid-term. [Photo by Kim Ji-sun]
   This summer was marked by a rash of campus improvement projects including the refurbishment of walls and windows, the construction of the Ewha-Samsung Campus Center (ESCC), the Global Tower, and the near-completion of the Ewha-Shinsegae Building.
   Ground construction of the ESCC is soon to begin and currently construction crews are busily working on the first floor of the Global Tower. Moreover, the Ewha-Shinsegae Building, which was planned to be completed by 2006, is already on the final touches of its interior. According to the Office of University Planning and Coordination, the Ewha-Shinsegae Building, a 4,000-pyung, six-story tall and two-story basement facility, will be the new space for the College of Business Administration and will house video conference rooms, computer rooms, a copy center, and cafeterias. The Ewha-Shinsegae Building will be ready for lectures after the mid-term.
Several constructions being underway has brought about a set of inconveniences. Parking spots on campus have become scarce, detours are necessary from the main gate to several other buildings, and the chaotic physical appearance of the construction confuses visitors finding their way around campus and conveys an unpleasant, irritating, and intrusive atmosphere.
   Regardless of all the inconveniences, some students seemed to understand that the construction is worth it in the long run. "Although I may have to hear the sounds of jackhammers and watch out for huge trucks throughout my whole school year, I believe, in the end, our school will be better and be more attractive to prospective students," says Cho Ri-ra (Library and Information Science, 2).
   To ensure everyone's safety, students should watch for traffic signs and refer to the new campus map temporarily put up on walls around campus because of the construction.

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