Getting In Touch With Exotic Cuisine
Getting In Touch With Exotic Cuisine
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Taste The Multi-national Food Around Ewha
Widely known as the streets of multi-fashion and entertainment, the Ewha and Sinchon areas are bustling with people every night and day for the diverse entertainment that draws students in their twenties.
To add excitement to these widely favored streets, a surge of foreign restaurants have opened their doors to those who are ready to try traditional dishes from around the world.
"Gyros," which came all the way from the mediterranean sea, is a traditional Greek food, and its taste and shape are similar to burritos. This is also the name of a Greek restaurant in front of Ewha. Gyros includes either sliced grilled chicken or pork with fresh tomatoes, olives, sliced onions, sweet corn, cheese, and lettuce on the pita bread. A white "Tzatziki" sauce is also included, which it is made up of fermented yogurt, mixed with the cucumber and garlic sauce. Then the bread is rolled into the shape of a burrito, and served with mashed potatoes.
Kim Bu-ho, the owner of "Gyros," explained this dish by saying, "Greek food has little fat and cholesterol, and no sugar. We can affirm that this is the best diet food."
"Pho Hoa," a vietnamese noodle soup restaurant, located near the Yonsei University, aims to draw more customers to try traditional vietnamese style noodle soup. Basic ingredients that go into all dishes are green bean sprouts, sliced onions, hot pepper, lemon, mint, and herb.
"We recommend brisket, steak and vegetable noodle soup for first-timers because Vietnamese soup is usually greasy, and this particular dish is less oily than others and may stimulate people"s appetite," says the owner of "Pho Hoa."
Other dishes offered by this restaurant include "Special rolls," served with more than 20 different fresh vegetables with grilled shrimps, beef, and chicken. More interestingly, a rice paper is served which you dampen with warm water until it gets thin and smooth, then you add all the ingredients and roll it and dip it into the fish sauce, peanut sauce, and chili sauce. "IN. PASTA," an Italian restaurant located near Hyundai Department Store of Shinchon, is owned by chefs from Hilton and Chosun Hotel. Their most recommended dishes were mozzarella spaghetti, made up of tomato sauce with melted mozzarella cheese baked in the oven, and Carbonara spaghetti, a dish most prefered by customers, including various seafoods mixed with tomato sauce and olives.
It is not so difficult to find a place to taste a variety of international cuisine. Just take a few minutes" walk and you will be surprised to find all these restaurants within the Ewha and Shinchon area.

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