Quid Pro Quo: Beings Takes On a New Challenge
Quid Pro Quo: Beings Takes On a New Challenge
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   Every winter, the icy halls of Hakkwan are heated up with the vigor of "Beings" - the English drama club of Ewha's English Department. The people involved all move together like the parts of an elaborate clock in order to create a single production. Professionalism is a given at Beings, and so every cast member, from the leading heroine to the smallest extra, sincerely devotes herself to the production.
   Since Beings perform their plays in English, non-native speakers need to read their scripts with utmost care in order to fully understand the play. Needless to say, this process of meticulous reading improves their English.
   However, it is very difficult to communicate with the audience when the plays are performed in a foreign language. Although the performers study the pronunciation of every word and try their best to convey emotion through the words, the cast feels an intangible wall between itself and the audience. This is particularly true in comedies, since the audience's laughter relies not on the script, but on physical actions. It is at moments like this that everyone in Beings sees the limitations of performing in English.
   Because of these characteristics of English plays, Beings members give their heart and soul when they choose a play. To get responses from audiences, the play should have a strong hold on the public. Also, the lines in the play should be succinct.
   While the director and performers are exerting themselves to overcome numerous obstacles, the staff is bustling around off-stage to illuminate the play. The most difficult problem is to find sponsors who can support the Beings' annual productions. Finding sponsors is not an easy job since student productions have smaller audiences and less publicity. People should bear in mind that student performances do eventually contribute to developing the performing arts, as it is through them that future actors and directors are born.
   Despite all these difficulties, their love of drama drives Beings members to plan their annual spring production constantly. In addition to the annual production, Beings is now taking on a new challenge - Beings will perform the Broadway musical "Baby!" in the last week of September. This musical consists of three couples - in their 20s, 30s, and 40s - and starts with their conflicts because each couple has an unpredicted baby. These couples stand with their babies on the start line of their lives again and will experience a change in their relationships. The musical "Baby!" is composed of three main actors, three main actresses, six ensembles, and the director is Jung Han-sol (English Lang. & Lit., 4), who previously worked on Jekyl and Hyde (2004) and Man of La Mancha produced by OD Musical Company as a supporting director and an interpreter.
   The musical "Baby!" will be held at the Alumnae Hall from September 26 to the October 1. The performance will be held at 7:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday and 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday.

by Woo Hye-young (English Lang. & Lit., 2)

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