Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
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  • 승인 2005.09.01 00:00
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   I make sure to read the Ewha Voice each time it is published because it happens to be "the English newspaper" of Ewha Womans University. I had expectations of Ewha Voice that were mostly based on my knowledge of what an English newspaper was and what its contents should be.
   Being used to the satirical cartoons that are usually found in English newspapers that deal a certain issue with criticism-based humor, the cute cartoons and phrases found in Ewha Voice seemed to be a bit out of place. All of this would have made better sense if the entire issue was to be under a lighter theme, but Ewha Voice seemed to be dealing mostly with serious issues. 
   I am also surprised that editorials in Ewha Voice often display its stance on issues concerning the Korean society as a whole, rather than something that the students could relate to. I would not mind some thought provoking criticism of Korea on the part of international students.
   The "Quid pro quo" columns written by Professor Eugene Yoo are enjoyable to read because it offers his insightful thoughts through the linking of current events with his field of economics. I can see how Ewha Voice also applies the voices of non-Ewha students in its articles which really diversify the articles that the students can read. I only wish there were more of these columns written by the many other distinguished professors and students of Ewha.
   In terms of diversifying, I understand the dilemma Ewha Voice faces in catering to its diverse pool of readers. I remember reading an opinion from a reader who urged Ewha Voice to tone down on its English level so that it could be read by more students. At the same time, I know there are those who would want the very opposite.
   Given the complexity of what Ewha Voice must offer, I believe Ewha Voice is doing a great job in fulfilling the needs of each and every reader. My suggestions were based really on my interest for Ewha Voice, and the hope that it will keep up the good work!

by Lee Soo-a (International Studies, 3)

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