Women Come Together to Embrace the World
Women Come Together to Embrace the World
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   Women's Worlds 2005: The 9th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women (WW05) will be held at Ewha from June 19 to 24. This is the first Women's Worlds meeting ever to be held in Asia. Ewha and the Association of Women's Studies will be co-hosting the entire congress.
   The theme of this year's congress is "Embracing the Earth: East-West, North-South," and it will generate lively discussion and investigation into several areas that are of great concern for women. What will be examined is the diversification and complexities pertaining to the nations located in the Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern hemispheres, and how these complexities impinge upon women's lives and pose challenges to feminism. Over 2,000 papers on women's studies have been registered and more than 3,000 people from countries around the world are expected to participate in panels and roundtable sessions.
   As side events, there will be a number of cultural events offered such as festivals, musical performances, and art exhibits. Additionally, the "WW05 Fair" and a small flea market will be held within the Ewha campus from June 20 to 23. Furthermore, the Ewha Asian Center for Women's Studies has organized the Young Feminist Forum for young feminists from different parts of Asia to exchange ideas regarding their research interests and experiences.
   During the WW05 briefing on May 10, Yoon Soon-young, the International Coordinator for WW05, stated that WW05 is significant because it represents not only women in academic areas but entire spheres of female activism. Professor Kim Eun-shil (Women's Studies), WW05 Coordinator, added, "I'd like our young participants to rediscover ideas perhaps previously unexpressed and verbalize them freely as they interact with new people through their participation in this congress. I hope they regard the experience as valuable training that opens their senses to the broader world."

The Ewha Voice will publish daily newsletters for the International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women.

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