Inline Skating For A Healthier You
Inline Skating For A Healthier You
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The sun is slowly setting and yet another hot summer day has given way to the cool breeze of the night at the Sangam World Cup Stadium. The stadium, once filled to capacity with thousands of people cheering for Korea during the World Cup, is now bustling with so-called "eight wheelers," or inline skaters. Inline skating, first introduced in the early 1990"s, is fast growing into one of the most popular and accessible leisure activities. According to a recent survey by Sports Today, conducted on people ranging from their early 20"s to their 40"s, inline skating was voted the "number one sport people want to learn."

Reasons for the sport"s popularity may vary, but many female skaters enjoy inline skating as an effective way to lose weight. As much as we are all aware of the need for persistent exercising in dieting, it is no easy matter to put theory into practice. "I started skating as part of the effort to lose weight," says Kim Ji-yeon (English Lang. & Lit., 2). "I was going to register at a fitness club, but spending hours locked up in a room, sweating on a running machine just seemed less inviting." Kim says that unlike other dieting methods, inline skating was fun, which was what kept her from giving up the sport, as she had other sports.

Kim Sung-su, coach of the Kyunghyang Eagles Inline skate team, believes females feel at ease with this sport because "inline skating is fairly easy to learn, and it is a great way to start exercising for females who can sometimes be less athletic than males."

There is more than one way to enjoy inline skating. For many young couples, inline skating is a popular dating activity that breaks away from the routine of going to movie theaters and coffee shops. Couples skate around beautiful parks, hand in hand, talking and enjoying a great time together in a natural setting.

Others who are willing to take some risks turn to more daring activities. They practice "slalom" or stunt performances, jumping up and sliding around cones and stair handrails in front of large crowds of people. "It"s a sport that requires both fast speed and high strength, and I think that is why so many people are into inline skating. It"s fun and exciting, but also easy and safe," says Kim Sung-su.

Inline skating, aside from being fun and a sure way to diet, is a great way to prevent a number of diseases such as arthritis and even indigestion. The strokes and gliding that seem deceptively effortless are surprisingly demanding, and high calorie-consuming. According to research, while swimming or jogging burns about 13 cal. per minute when exercising at full-strength, inline skating burns up to 15 cal. Inline skating requires almost the same effect as doing intense physical activities, such as playing squash or mountain climbing.

Inline skating gear may seem expensive, ranging from 100,000 won to even 2,000,000 won for a pair of skates and protective gear. But considering that after purchasing the basic equipment no additional cost is needed, nor any professional lessons required, it is money well spent. In other words, it is a perfect sport for those who have always wanted to, but never quite found the right moment to start exercising. So why not get out to the nearest park, and join the crowd on inline skates!

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