Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
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  • 승인 2005.06.01 00:00
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By Director Lee Duck-kyu (Office of Public Relations)

▲ Director Lee Duck-kyu
(Office of Public Relations)
   As our world is becoming more interconnected, the importance of English media in Korean universities cannot be overemphasized. This is especially the case for Ewha, an institution with an international origin and in which cultural interchange with other nations is essential. As a bridge between outer society and the Ewha community, Ewha Voice does an excellent job of fulfilling its role.
   As a former editor-in-chief of the Ewha Weekly, the presence of the Ewha Voice is still special to me. The reporters of the Ewha Voice, who easily wrote articles in English, were always the subject of envy to us because it was not easy to write articles even in Korean!
   As a loyal reader, I find Ewha Voice very well organized and a quality English newspaper that features many interesting articles and has quite diverse sections. It is promising to see Ewha Voice have its unique way of planning the paper ­ I have noticed some fresh topics which distinguishes it from the Ewha Weekly. For example, the survey article "Plagiarism Issues Arise in Ewha" in April demonstrated the capability of Ewha Voice as a news media.
   Despite this, however, I wish that the Ewha Voice would give more room to student contributors. I would like to see the Ewha Voice feature more article items, like putting the spotlight on professors and students from other countries ­ this itself would create a wider range of readers. It would enable students to get more involved in the paper, not to mention that the paper would be the true "voice" of Ewha.

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