Deputy Prosecutor of ICC Gives Lecture at Ewha
Deputy Prosecutor of ICC Gives Lecture at Ewha
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▲ Serge Brammertz
(Deputy Prosecutor of ICC)

   The Deputy Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Professor Serge Brammertz gave a lecture titled "The role of the ICC and its Mission" at Ewha on April 26. Brammertz is in charge of the Investigations Division of the Office of the Prosecutor at the ICC.
   Brammertz talked mainly about the general role of the ICC. The Court, he explained can only intervene in exceptional cases of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The court abides by the Principle of Complementarity, only investigating when national courts cannot do it by themselves or are not able to do it by themselves where judiciary systems are weak.
   Brammertz stated that although the ICC's investigations may seem easy, they require highly complex techniques where the main task is to find the person who instigated the atrocities by carefully studying the chain of command. Also, investigating a certain region necessitates the need of prosecutors, lawyers with analytical backgrounds, country experts and victims experts in a small group.
   Brammertz said the student awareness of the ICC in Asian nations seemed relatively low compared to that of Western students since not many Asians are working for the ICC at the moment. He also added that 50 percent of the Investigation team members at ICC are women. Brammertz concluded the lecture by saying, "Ewha students should be more aware about international politics and issues and take part in promoting a better world by considering employment at the ICC in the future."

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