Festival Inspirations from the Past
Festival Inspirations from the Past
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   Looking through the history of Ewha's May Festival, we discovered various events that well represented Ewha in spirit. These events were significant not only because they were a part of Ewha's history, but also because they offered an exciting and touching experience for all Ewhaians.
   Though they are now gone, it is with deep hope that the memories of these events will last and continue to inspire today's Ewhaians to bring back Ewha's unique and creative festival events to life in the future.

  Athletic Tournaments
   Athletic tournaments were the very first events to be organized for the May Festival. Faculty and student teams gathered at the gymnasium and played tennis or ping-pong. The purpose of having these sports events was to develop students physical strength.

  Mass Games
   The main performance of the freshmen every year was the Mass Game in which the students formed concentric circles resembling the Ewha badge or the ?yrus, the pear flower. At each festival, it was considered one of the climactic events of the day.

  Play & Drama Performances
   Creative and literary Ewhaians had a long tradition of performing plays and dramas for the May Festival. Plays such as ?ride & Prejudice, ?an-dai Nori, a traditional Korean mask play, ?hoon Hyang and Lee Do Ryung, and ?omeo & Juliet were put on mostly by Literature department students for the entertainment of fellow Ewhaians.

  Replaying History
   The May Queen, Homecoming Queen, and Alumnae Queen were not the only queens selected during Ewha? festival. For a short while, Ewhaians chose a ?iss Yoo Kwan-soon. The purpose of the event was to praise the patriotic death of Yoo Kwan-soon, a monumental female figure who died for the Independence of Korea.


  The Campus Fire
   The May Queen and her attendants traditionally lighted the Campus Fire, which illuminated the finale of the festival. The fire was shaped like the Ewha badge.




  Mass Dinner Festival
   One of the most interesting past events of Ewha was the mass dinner prepared for the 1,500 couples who gathered for the enjoyment of the festival. Similar to a mother welcoming her daughter and her date, the school prepared a mass dinner at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. 






 Couple Carnival
   The Couple Carnival opened with the Flower Festival at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. The Navy Band paraded as the couples then played various games such as ?imbo, ?ish Pond, ?hoe Shine ?ingo, and ?ouples Dodge Ball, and participated in the Talent Competition. Dances which resemble proms nowadays were also held in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium.



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