A Wireless Addiction: Cell Phones
A Wireless Addiction: Cell Phones
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   The first thing that Hur Moon-kyung (KAIST, 3) does in the morning is to turn off the morning alarm ringing from her cellular (cell) phone and to replace the low phone battery with a charged one. The last thing she does is to set the morning alarm and plug in the battery to recharge it.
   Hur is not the only student addicted to using a cell phone. True, phones are a means of communication, but being obsessed with them brings danger of having one's life controlled. Hur says, "After I set the alarm, I hold the phone and fall asleep. If my cell phone is even one meter away from me, I feel uneasy."
   Using cell phones is part of contemporary culture, just like the radio, television, and the Internet. However, accepting overuse as merely part of contemporary culture is inappropriate. If the cell phones are used to such an extent in daily life that students come to feel uneasy without them, perhaps a new addiction has emerged. The uneasiness that users experience when separated from their phones is called a "withdrawal symptom." Imagine not having a cell phone with you because you have left it at home. All day, your mind will be set on thoughts such as "somebody should have called by now," "I wonder if I've gotten any text messages," or, "It drives me crazy! I need my cell phone now!"
   The symptoms go beyond just thoughts. They actually affect a person? daily work and responsibilities. It is hard to contact people without a cell phone because the numbers are all saved there. You might be late for an appointment if you haven't got your cell phone to keep track of time. An obsession with your phone and problems occuring every day because of the absence of your phone are clear signs of addiction.

Check yourself. Are you addicted to cell phones?

◆ 1 point: Not at all  ◆ 2 points: A little  ◆ 3 points: Kind of  ◆ 4 points: Pretty much             ◆ 5 points: Very much

1. I feel uneasy when I do not have my cell phone with me. 
2. I feel uneasy if I have only one space of battery left.
3. I've tried to reduce my phone bill.
4. I cannot turn off my cell phone during class time.
5. I like decorating my cell phone.
6. I know only a few phone numbers.
7. I call people without a purpose.
8. I often check if I?e received calls.
9. I prefer using a cell phone to a telephone.
10. I reply to a text message even during class time.
◆ 30 points or more: Highly dependent  ◆ 20 points or more: Dependent                                       ◆ 20 points or less: Appropriate use as a means of communication

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