20th Century Fashion Finds Korean Stage
20th Century Fashion Finds Korean Stage
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   Works of finesse line the interior of Daelim Contemporary Art Museum (Daelim), as famous fashion illustrations of the past 100 years are being displayed under the title, "Art in Fashion." The Zahm Collection originates from Germany, when collectors Ingrid and Volker Zahm began purchasing original design illustrations from the 1980s onward. Thanks to this pair, a collection of 133 pieces has reached across seas to Korea for the first time.
   The exhibition is presented on the second and third floors of the museum, and has a unique format of display, starting from the most recent piece, working its way back in counter-chronological order. "From the outside, Daelim has a modern architectural structure, which may astonish visitors when they see classical drawings displayed inside. That is why we decided to go back in time," says Ji Sang-hyun, Assistant Curator at Daelim.
   Visitors are allowed to naturally amble their way back into the past, where the early sketches of work by designers such as Christian Dior by Ren?Gruau, and cover designs for Vogue magazine (1922) were drawn with ink on paper. Drawings reach back as far as 1910 and advance to the year 2002. "Our exhibitions are usually based on photography, so visitors were taken by surprise this time when they saw illustrations. However, these sketches are the origins of photography and are not just sketches of clothing styles, but artwork which directly reflects the artistic influence of that period," says Ji.
   The display is composed of works of 38 different artists including Ert? Sonia Delaunay, Georges Lepape and Antonio Lopez; all are highly recognized illustrators during the early to mid 20th century. An interesting fact is how the ratio of male artists to female artists is severely disproportionate, yet every single painting is of clothing for women.
   Perhaps that is why most of the visitors are young women in their 20s to 30s. "Our objective for this exhibition was to recognize these forms of art as milestones in setting the foundations of today's fashion. Since young Korean women are highly sensitive in this area, the halls have been crowded every day."
   With a sky-rocketing average of around 600 visitors a day, the exhibition has met with success beyond expectations, and has been extended for a week. It will come to a close on May 15, rather than May 8.

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