[At Edae-ap] Starlite
[At Edae-ap] Starlite
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▲ Sandwiches came to Ewha along with this sign.


   When Julie Chung first returned to Korea after a lifetime in the States, she naturally missed the taste of a simple sandwich. "I missed it so much, I started making them. Then I realized that I had to share this, especially with students who don't have the time to have nutritious meals," says Chung. Thus, Chung founded Starlite and stationed its first branch in front of Ewha in 1996, introducing a favorite western snack to busy Seoulites ­- sandwiches and espresso.
   Now the chain has nine years of tradition, and 28 branches around Korea, but the first Starlite shares a legacy of memories with the students of our school. "Students who were freshmen in '96 still come to visit sometimes -­ a lot of them are married and some of them have gone abroad, but they come and mention how they can never forget the taste of the sandwiches here," says Chung. Not only past customers but even the new customers today share the tradition. "Freshmen today come with hand-me-down coupons from their graduating peers, who give them the coupons as a tradition during orientations when they first enter Ewha," adds Chung.
   Almost a decade later, one woman's longing for a certain food boomed into a nationwide chain. Chung's pioneering spirit has not only provided a quick and healthy dish for lunch, but also an inspiration to young women everywhere.

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