A Word From Our Readers
A Word From Our Readers
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  • 승인 2005.05.04 00:00
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By Park Ji-hyun (Journalism, 2)

   The Ewha Voice is a monthly paper, and it is a step to blending Ewha into the global society. Ewha Voice deals with various articles and issues concerning university students.
   Especially in the last issue, there were articles about the lives and opinions of foreign students. The articles help readers to understand foreign students and foster concern for them. The contents are delivered vividly to Ewhaians who attend school with these foreign students, yet feel a gap. Also, the theme "Fighting Stress" was impressive. I read this part eagerly because the articles included vital knowledge on health.
   On the other hand, I feel inconvenient due to the lack of uniqueness in the Ewha Voice. Personally I think Ewha Voice tends to keep to a conventional form. I'd like to see the Ewha Voice strike through with a special color, to more definitely distinguish itself from other newspapers. And also I hope there will be wider space to fill with Ewhaian's voices. I really wish Ewha Voice would attend to the role of being Ewhaians spokesperson.

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