Next steps after the 2019 Student Voting
Next steps after the 2019 Student Voting
  • Lee Young-in
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Marking a nearly 60 percent voter turnout in the 2019 Student Voting, the student council released a statement on March 30 regarding specific plans on the initiating of a regular consultative body between the students and the university. 

“Thanks to the active participation from our students, the vote has come to a successful close,” read the statement from the student council. “The 2019 Student Voting is the very first student vote in Ewha to be realized after it was designated as the strongest decision-making tool in the student code of conduct.”

After the council delivered the results of the vote and requested the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to designate a consistent regular consultative body, on April 8, the OSA stated that they view positively on having more meetings with the students. Also, they plan on requesting support from other related offices in doing so. The body will consist of team leaders or mangers of school offices, Central Operation Committee members, and student participants of the body. 

“As there are still chronic problems, such as limited numbers of students allowed to take courses, a lack of rest areas and a need for budget transparency, we strive to demand the seven proposals,” the statement read. 

Further, they are currently planning to organize “1,000 Ewhain Supervisor” within the consultative body where students can monitor its progress. The organization will be divided into two sectors: the participating group and the monitoring group. 

The participating group will focus on five issues: educational rights, human rights, school environment, public image, and school management. They plan to carry out research and take part in school meetings regarding these agendas. 

The monitoring group will examine the work process of the body and ensure that students’ requests are well reflected. The council plans to open a KakaoTalk account for 1,000 Ewhain Supervisor so that students can easily join the act.

Hoping to organize a regular consultative body with which they will not only effectively deliver the demands of students to the school, but also create a democratic negotiation process together. 

“The regular consultative body can consistently and strongly appeal to the school administration on student demands,” the statement read. “We sincerely ask for students’ active participation and interest in the upcoming process.”


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