A Word From Our Readers
A Word From Our Readers
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▲ Professor Lee Jae-kyung (Women's Studies)

By: Professor Lee Jae-kyung (Women's Studies)

  Since Ewha Voice was established in 1954, it has played the role of spokesperson for Ewha to the Korean society and the world. A major function of the Ewha Voice was to publicize the school as the largest women's university ever.
   Though Ewha Voice is one of the main forms of campus media at Ewha, it has attracted foreign readership more than it has attracted Ewha students.
   As an avid reader, I'd like to see Ewha Voice make benevolent efforts to communicate to more native Ewhaians on campus in the near future. Students, as panelists, should be invited into various discussion forums conducted on social and campus issues, through a readership network constructed by the Ewha Voice. Through this effort and also many other forms of readership involvement, students would become more familiar with Ewha Voice, and become eager to participate in giving feedbacks on various issues.
   One final thing I want for Ewha Voice is for it to show originality as a monthly journal that is distinguished from the weekly newspaper format. Less news, more contributory pieces from students and professors, and more visual images would make Ewha Voice a captivating form of media. Is it too ambitious for Ewha Voice to have more readerships than Ewha Weekly?
   In the contemporary era of globalization where the power of mass media strengthens each day, it is crucial that the Ewha Voice represent female collegiates and let their voices be heard.

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