New semester starts with the club promotion fair
New semester starts with the club promotion fair
  • Wee So-yeon
  • 승인 2019.03.18 17:05
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Receiving loud applause from the audience, the dance cover club SSCC showcased a dance performance to several K-POP songs. The performance was held in front of the Student Union Building as part of the school club promotion fair, which was hosted during the first week of the semester. Dressed up in fancy suits, members of the club attracted great attention of the students passing by.

The school club promotion fair was to help students, especially freshmen, find school clubs or other extracurricular activities that match up with their interests and needs. The Student Club Association was in charge of the event and held booths for school clubs who wanted to participate in the fair and promote their recruitment. There were 92 extracurricular student meetings that occurred in the fair, holding their booths both indoors and outdoors.

Members of the student clubs actively promoted their clubs and their curriculum, attempting various methods to attract more attention of the students passing by. Phototrace, a photography club of Ewha, handed out stickers which were made using the photos they took by themselves during the club session.

“We believe the stickers we prepared have worked out well and helped us a lot to advertise our club and the upcoming photograph exhibition to students,” members of Phototrace shared. “With photoprinted stickers, we were able to attract more students than other clubs, even those who were not that interested in the fair.”

There were even clubs whose members wore their club jackets for the whole week to promote their club. Members of Korean Commercial-economics Conference (KCC) went around the campus wearing their signature jackets, which had their club’s name printed in the back, and gave out brochures to introduce their activities and plans for the year.

Ewha Campus Leader also prepared their own event to receive students’ attention for their recruitment and the freshmen campus tour they held to help freshmen get used to the campus. They gave out two clear files and a sticker to students who followed the Instagram account of the Ewha Campus Leader.

Along with the booths that were held in the Student Union Building, there were also some student clubs that held their booths in other buildings.

FC SOCIAL, the soccer club of the college of Social Sciences, opened their booth in Ewha- POSCO Building to recr u i t soccer players for this year. They displayed the trophies they won from tournaments and tried hard to reach out to students who are interested.

Particularly, freshmen were able to get the most of the fair since they did not have much information of the student clubs and meetings that are held in school.

“I was glad that there were many promotion booths prepared for students,” said Kim Sun-min, a freshman majoring in English Literature & Language. “I could get useful information that I could not find in online student community board and was able to enjoy the performance prepared as part of the fair.”

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