Student Council Enable starts off with 2019 Ewhain Focus Group Interview
Student Council Enable starts off with 2019 Ewhain Focus Group Interview
  • Cho In-hyo
  • 승인 2019.03.04 15:09
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Starting from February, the Central Operation Committee (COC) arranged an Ewhain Focus Group Interview (FGI), where two to three students were interviewed. The main purpose of the FGI is to get opinions for ways to actualize the policies suggested through the Joint Action of Education.
The Joint Action of Education is an action planned and implemented by fellow Ewha students to change Ewha accordingly to the Ewhain Policy and review last year’s policies. In the process of this years’ preparation, the COC decided to discuss the democratic, financial, and corporate body betterment, along with life environment, right to classes, school’s public image, employment, national exams and human rights as the most valued policies to be handled mainly.
The process of the Joint Action is supported by the Student Council where diverse projects such as picketing, marches and rallies are planned. Also, when student general meetings or Student Elections are held, they are based on the Joint Action where policies are suggested by Ewha students. Since the participation of the students is the most critical part of the reason they are held, the Student Council pleaded of more participation of students. However, because there is a certain quota set up to convene such event, without enough number of students participating and being concerned of the issue, there is also the possibility of the event falling apart.
Moreover, the COC has announced the results of the first meeting on Jan. 29 with the Career Development Center (CDC). Last year, Inside Ewha, the former student council of Ewha, promised to have regular meeting with the CDC regarding the school’s public image and students’ employment and national exams.
The current CDC programs for those fields are through education, where the COC asked about the lack of seminars for all freshmen, and the CDC answered to prepare them by each department’s situation from now on. Also, the graduate student network will be refined by contacting with more recent graduates and try to benefit the graduate too. The CDC also stated that they are planning to launch a mobile version of the THE Portfolio, and aims to give constant feedbacks of all the changed things through surveys all students can participate in.

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