Welcome to Ewha!
Welcome to Ewha!
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3,378 new students start their journey at Ewha
Friends and families of freshmen holding bouquets gathered together to celebrate the 2019 entrance ceremony on Feb. 22 at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. Various programs and performances celebrated the newcomers to Ewha.
University President Kim Hei-sook started the day off by welcoming the students with an opening speech.
“I hope that all of you will strive to achieve your dream by meeting friends, seniors, and professors who are awaiting ahead,” Kim remarked. “Having faith in yourself will lead you to the future you hoped for.”
The Ewha Faculty Singers performed enthusiastically, singing and dancing to K-pop songs like “Solo,” “Yes or Yes,” and “Idol.”
Jeong Yoo-na and Vongvichien Chada, a student selected through the Ewha Global Partnership Pro-gram (EGPP) scholarship, lead the recitation of the Oath of Incoming Students in front of fellow freshmen.
After the ceremony, several alumni joined the “Welcome to Ewha” sessions to share their experience and stories at Ewha. The program was hosted by Lim Ji-hyun, a comedian who graduated from the Department of Kinesiology.
Lee Jin-min, alumna from the Department of Korean Language & Literature and CEO of natural cosmetic brand “Isoi,” was the guest speaker. Emphasizing that she grew up in a family without gender discrimination, she shared her passion to do something meaningful for women.
“I felt flattered to become a part of the Ewha community,” remarked Choi Se-eun, a freshman from HOKMA College of General Education.
“One of my wishes was to study the things I truly enjoy, so I am looking forward to study at Ewha,” Choi said. “I am also excited to meet new friends and eat lunch together during free time.”

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