Ewha Life and Ewhatogether: Students using social media to promote Ewha
Ewha Life and Ewhatogether: Students using social media to promote Ewha
  • Yoon Chae-eun
  • 승인 2018.11.27 10:36
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Ewha students discuss double majoring in a video uploaded on the Ewhatogether YouTube channel. Photo provided by Ewhatogether.

With the rising interest of students in promoting Ewha, students are introducing Ewha to outsiders by uploading videos on social media. Ewha Life and Ewhatogether are both run by students to promote Ewha.

Ewha Life with Ewha Creators, or Ewha Life in short, is supported by the Office of Communications. Student YouTubers work together with the office to film and upload content about their campus life.

16 video clips have been uploaded on the official Ewha Instagram titled Ewha Life by Nov. 19. Each video deals with a different topic related to the everyday life as an Ewha student, including life in the dormitory, signing up for classes, and studying at ECC Reading Room.

“We believe that Ewha Life will be beneficial to both the school and student YouTubers,” the Office of Communications said. “The school can take advantage of having famous student YouTubers introduce Ewha, and student YouTubers who are just starting their channels can promote themselves via the official Ewha Instagram account.”

The Office of Communications explained that they ask only two things from student YouTubers: creating content within campus boundaries and featuring life as an Ewha student. According to the office, selecting the topics and planning the content for the videos are mostly up to the student YouTubers.

“Ewha Life allows us to upload videos that can only be presented by students,” the office said.

The Office of Communications is currently monitoring and contacting other student YouTubers and clubs related to video production. They are also thinking of trying different themes, such as looking at Ewha from the perspective of foreign students.

Similarly, Ewhatogether is an organization that produces promotional videos about Ewha by running a YouTube channel. It consists of students and alumni who have volunteered to participate in the project. Participants aim to show what Ewha is really like from the perspective of those with firsthand experience of attending Ewha.

“We first started our project in July this year, when many students were interested in promoting Ewha,” Ewhatogether said. “Members of Ewhatogether have gathered through an online Ewha community to show the real Ewha by producing videos with fun content.”

Ewhatogether explained that the content of their videos is intended to show the lives of an Ewha student rather than just a university student. The talk shows, radio shows and busking videos they have uploaded all reflect the values of Ewha students, which are warmth, confidence, solidarity and fun.

“We will make videos based on various concepts, but we will never leave out or forget these values of Ewha students,” Ewhatogether said.

They do have difficulty filming or editing since their work is not supported by the school. However, they have less restriction on the topics or messages they convey since they are not part of an institution at school.

“We believe that Ewhatogether has made it easier to communicate with future Ewha students and students currently attending the school,” Ewhatogether said. “It is also an opportunity for Ewha students and alumni to introduce our school in a friendlier way since we are the ones who are planning, making and distributing the videos about Ewha.”

Ewhatogether commented that they will always work enthusiastically as they are doing now.

“Support from Ewha students and alumni is what drives us to keep working hard,” Ewhatogether said. “We will come up with even better videos, so please continue supporting us!” 

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