School demands #MeToo notes be taken down
School demands #MeToo notes be taken down
  • Choi Ye-jin
  • 승인 2018.09.04 22:49
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The school has called on students to take down the sticky notes on the door of Sculpture Major Professor K, who was accused of sexually harassing students earlier this year.

The administration office of College of Art & Design posted an announcement requesting students take down the notes on the professor’s door by July 26.

In March, an Ewha graduate posted on the Art Me Too Facebook page stating that she was sexually harassed by Professor K during classes and school trips. Starting from her post, more victims spoke out, providing evidence that the professor consistently sexually harassed them by touching their bodies and making sexually degrading remarks during conversations.

During the investigation period, students stood up for the victims as they posted notes reading “#MeToo, #WithYou” on Professor K’s office door. This way students urged the school to act upon the alleged sexual harassment case.

Following the accusations, the Center for Gender Affairs officially held investigations and announced disciplinary measures for the professor. The final call for Professor K was a dismissal from his office.

Students also organized press conferences and signed petitions to request a faster dismissal. With the announcement, the student council of College of Art & Design posted a reply that went against the office’s demand. The council demanded certain actions be taken before taking down the notes.

Several months have passed since the official dismissal of Professor K was publicized. However, the Disciplinary Committee has condemned the students regarding the up-to-date results of his dismissal. Students were left furious at the committee’s reaction regarding the case.

Additionally, Professor K’s room is yet to be cleared, leaving students worried that there might be a chance of the professor to return to the school at some point.

“Professor K’s room is located in the middle of the hallway,” said the student council in the statement posted. “There is a higher chance for students to bump into the professor as he prepares to leave. This will make students worry that they might see him again.”

The student council urged the school to prove to the victims that Professor K has officially left the school. To do so, before taking the notes down, the students requested the professor’s room be cleared first.

“We understand that the notes will have to be removed to clear out the room,” said a student council member. “So we have decided to compile the notes and display them at the Student Union Building.”

According to the statement made by the student council, keeping the notes that were stuck on Professor K’s door will show the importance and seriousness of this case. The council stated that it will also give assurance to the victims as they will know that the whole of Ewha is standing with them.

“This sexual harassment case in school is not something to be proud of, but it is hoped that keeping the notes will prevent further cases of harassment within the school,” said an anonymous freshman of Sculpture major. “I agree to the demands made by the council.”

As it stands, Ewha’s Sexual Harassment Deliberation Council has approved the declaration made by the College of Art & Design student council. Nevertheless, the school has not yet acted upon the items up until the start of fall semester. 

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