Students Express Views During Sunrise Festival
Students Express Views During Sunrise Festival
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   The 2005 Sunrise Festival was held in front of the Student Union Building in two parts, the first on March 14 and the second on March 16. Ewha Dream, the 37th Student Government Association (SGA), opened the event the first day at 3:00 p.m. as an inaugural ceremony for the year and a celebration of the official beginning of Ewha Dream's term as SGA leaders, and was subtitled "Vision Capsule." The festival was carried out by the Club Association two days after, with the goal of continuing last year's protest against certain educational and administrational policies.
   Pyrus, Ewha? cheerleading club, launched the event with a powerful congratulatory performance on March 14, followed by the SGA's proposal speech, an introduction of the members of the SGA, and various performances presented by the SGA. The phrase, "May we love you?" was a proposal Ewha Dream made to Ewha students as the event proceeded. They also stressed that they anticipated Ewha students becoming the opinion leaders of today's society and challenged attendants to build "Three Cs" (commitment, character, and competence) in each student's individual lives.
   Members of the twenty-second Club Association took over the plaza stage the second day of the festival, beginning at 5:00 p.m. on March 16, with a vibrant title for their event: "Ddul-uh Bbung," meaning "punch through," also the name of a liquid agent used to unclog drains.
   This title was given to emphasize that club members seek solutions to situations they feel are stifling, including the continued rise in tuition fees, lack of free space for student use, and the college's labor policies which rely on large numbers of temporary employees. The club association led fourteen activites, among which was a time for Ewha students to write down their wishes and then burn them as a symbolic end to the festival.
   However, some students pointed out the low student participation rate at the events. "I only found out today that this event was going to take place. It would have been nice if it had been publicized more beforehand, said Cho Min-kyung (Television and Film, 2) who attended the festival on March 16.

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