E-Card to Gradually See Wider Use
E-Card to Gradually See Wider Use
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▲ A student holds her ID card over the machine to register her enterance into the library.
   The multi-function student ID card system, which should have gone into operation this semester, had to be postponed due to a late settlement of the contract between Cho Hung Bank and Korea Smart Card Corporation, a company that issues the high-tech transportation card called "T-money." The student ID card or E-card that freshmen received will activate as a multi-function card as soon as the facilities are equipped.
   According to the Office of Information and Communications (OIC), the E-card system is expected to start from April at stores and cafeterias on campus. Then by May, E-cards will be used in the library when entering and borrowing books. They will also be replacing the printer and copy machine cards. Finally by June, the entire system is planned to be completed with more functions such as a cash card and a means of checking attendance.
   The multi-function card system is expected to offer convenience to students in many ways. However, other universities that have already adopted the system have encountered some difficulties as well. Sookmyung Women? University, which introduced the multi-function card or E-campus card system in 2003, completed its trial run period in 2004. Yet, an official from Sookmyung Student Service Center states, "In the process of introducing the system, errors occurred often in some of the cards and the facilities. Moreover, since the card is used in checking attendance, there were many cases when one student checked in for another classmate by sliding someone else's card through an attendance slot. As for the problems of fake attendance, professors have been rechecking the rolls if there seem to be fewer students than the number listed on the roll book."
   To avoid errors that have occurred with older multi-function cards, the Ewha E-card will be implanted with a recently developed computer chip. Kim So-hyun, an official at the OIC said, "Most of the multi-function cards used in other universities are 'smart cards,' which do not have the ability to modify recorded information once the personal information is saved. However, the 'open card' that will be introduced at Ewha can be upgraded with recent information anytime. To prevent the usage of the card to fake attendance, professors may carry their laptops and check student identification saved in the computer once in a while."
   Sophomore to senior students who wish to receive E-cards need to sign up at the Office of Student Affairs in rm. 101 of the Student Union Building by the beginning of April. At this time, the school will post notifications through email and the homepage (http://www.ewha.ac.kr).

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