Ewha Happy Fund: Opening new fund raisers for students of various specified needs
Ewha Happy Fund: Opening new fund raisers for students of various specified needs
  • Pak Gee-na
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Ewha Happy Fund open to all Ewha members

The Ewha Happy Fund aims to expand the school’s financial support system beyond the usual method of awarding scholarships. With the support from graduates, faculty, and Ewha family members, the fund will help students overcome financial, psychological and other personal difficulties and set them on the path toward their dreams.
Though established in the beginning of fall semester, the Ewha Happy Fund has only recently begun to receive donations in November.
Composed of three different parts, each individual segment of the fund will cover a specific area. The Healing Fund aids students in need of psychological and emotional support. The Care Fund supports students who face difficulties in their studies due to personal disabilities or childcare, and the Dream Fund is for students whose circumstances could hinder their career path.
Much like other funds, Ewha Happy Fund receives monthly monetary  donations of 20,000 to 100,000 won or more. However, the fund also accepts free donations as well.
“Ewha Happy Fund is special in that it can also be called a campaign, in which everyone can participate in the fund raising process,” said the Office of University Relations and Development. “Since free donation enables anyone to donate as they wish, without a minimum standard, even students can take part.”
The fund not only supports individual students but also enhances the current support system of the school by filling in blind spots that the national student aid or scholarship can easily miss out. Once the donations are collected through the Ewha Happy Fund, they are allocated to different areas that need extra support. Each department distributes the fund to students or uses them to supplement their previous system.
“For instance, currently there is a scholarship that supports students to take part in the exchange student program. However, this scholarship only aids students in their tuition and  living expenses, both of which are serious concerns for them,” said the office. “Through Ewha Happy Fund, we hope to support students in an even broader area to help with some other real hardships they face.”
Other than supporting living expenses for exchange students during their semester abroad, the fund will also be used in expanding and strengthening programs in the Student Counseling Center. It will strive to establish more programs for students with disabilities, and building both an online and offline consultation system.

To encourage regular donation, the school established Ewha Happy Club in which regular donors get a chance of being the member of the club. Members of the Ewha Happy Club receive a Welcome Gift and other souvenirs, and also have the honor to post their names on the Digital Ewha Donors’ Wall in ECC.
The Office of University Relations  & Development is doing their best to introduce Ewha Happy Fund to students, graduates and faculty members. Students who wish to work as a Happy reporter to introduce the fund is being recruited from last month. From Dec. 4 to 17, Ewha Happy Fund Logo Song and User Created Contents contest is held. With the theme of “Ewha Happy Fund, happiness charging program of Ewha” and “Together, Ewha Happy Fund,” all Ewha members can participate to introduce and encourage people to contribute to the fund.
Anyone can join Ewha Happy Fund through their website (http://giving.ewha.ac.kr), fax (02-392-3473), or even via text message with a photo of an agreement (1666-0531).

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